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Saturday, February 25, 2012


Sorry about the delay. Doing a blog in the midst of being homeschooled by my mom is hard to do.
I think that from now on I am only going to have time to write during the weekends.But low and behold the Skitterbot. Skitterbot is a vibrating robot with only a motor and a battery. A piece of an eraser I  put on the motor shaft off center gives it the vibrating needed to jounce around on the floor. It has the same principles as a Hexbug Nano.
Please comment on any good robots you have seen.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Welcome to The Central Thinking Unit.In this blog I will be focusing on: Robotics, Arduino, R/C, Home Security, and using the Parallax Basic Stamp 2. You may not like my tastes but hey, what can you expect from a  10 year-old. Don't be surprised.Brace yourselves for a rough ride.I will be posting very often. Please +1 this.