This weekend I went to the annual RoboGames in Santa Clara and I saw hundreds of robots and general geek projects ranging from a electric guitar controlled by an Ipad to a 220 pound r/c controlled robot with a 50 pound hydraulic ax on it.The RoboGames is an annual 3-day robotics competition and exposition for young and old.  There were robo-wars ranging from tiny 250 gram robots to the 220 pound robot I just mentioned. But there were not just robo-wars, there were also displays and challenges that some of the younger teams equipped with a LEGO Mindstorm robot could do. I saw some small robots that inspired me to make one of my own a wedge robot.Here are some pictures that chronicled the days events:

This is a higher resolution photo of one of the many knockouts.
These next photos are ones I took myself and are a little bit lower resolution.

                                          Above is the Aldebaran Robotics NAO.
                                      One of the biggest knockouts!