I recently started experimenting with my raspberry pi mini computer which runs Linux after a few trial and error moments and a few web searches I found the perfect first project: make an ssh connection. Ssh  stands for secure shell which basically is like remote access for all you windows users out there. Here are the instructions on how to do it:
For Fedora/Red Hat Linux ( the one I recommended in my last post)
Click on the button that looks like a flying bird in the bottom left corner of the screen( also known as the start button). Now scroll up to the accessories button and click on it . You will see a drop down menu  and scroll down to Root Terminal. Click on that and a dialog box will pop up saying that it used your password press O.K. on that and then type in: sudo raspi-config and then press enter/return. now you will be presented with a blue window that you saw when you first configured your Pi. use the up down arrow keys to move down to the option labeled ssh and press enter/return then select with the left right arrow keys enable the press enter/return. Then when you get back to the blue menu press the right arrow key and then press enter then if it asks you to reboot now press