A new purpose

These previous posts have been about making an electric wheelchair into a ROS compatible robot. But in this pursuit, I'm lacking three things: the motivation to get this project done, the knowledge to get this project done, and the resources to get this project done. So, yet again, I'm putting this project on hold, perhaps indefinitely. So on to the next project.

So far on this blog, I've primarily put stuff up for people to follow and for me to organize my thoughts. Pardon my selfishness, but I'm going to devote this to organizing my thoughts and tracking my progress. If you want to follow, feel free, but this won't be focused as much on the reader as on the writer. Enough of the mushy stuff.

As a introduction to this next project, let me just say that this one is going to be significantly easier, mostly. I'm going to be working on making a Turtlebot 1. More details to come in the next post.