ROS Project Turtlebot: Beginnings


Time to start a new project. The build files for a Turtlebot 1 are found here:

My BOM as of yet:
1x iRobot Create 2.
1x Odroid XU4
1x Microsoft Kinect
1x 5v 5A power regulator
1x Buck Boost power regulator
1x USB WiFi adapter
1x USB hub
1x Arduino Uno
1x MPU6050 Acceleromete/Gyro with breakout board.
1x 14v 3000mAh NiMH battery
Assorted wire and connectors
Assorted Tetrix metal parts

The general idea on my design is to try and mimic the location of the Kinect on the Create except that it is a bit lower. I'll compensate for this in the software. The 5v power regulator powers the Odroid and USB devices. The buck boost converter provides filtered 12v to the Kinect. Both regulators get power off of the NiMH battery, which I got from the Tetrix kit the metal pieces came from. I've drilled holes in the deco cover of the create to mount the Kinect and electronics, and the wires are stashed in the vacuum box underneath the Create. The current design I have is not great, but it works. Some things to improve:
  • Better weight distribution.
  • Bigger battery.
  • Relocate MPU6050 to center of rotation.
  • Shorten wires.
But overall, it works, and if I need to change something, it's not hard to.

Some photos:
The robot fully completed:

Top down view of electronics:

Side view of Odroid and Buck Boost regulator on the right: