ROS Project Turtlebot: Daily log 1

Now that I'm done with school, I'm going to try to spend some more time on this project. Here is my log of what I did and the results for today:
7:42 PM: start log, desktop booted. SSHed into it from my laptop. The .bashrc file is updated with the correct IP. Put a new auxiliary battery into the robot. Create still has power. Booted robot.

Booting procedure:
  1. Replace auxiliary battery if needed. 
  2. Connect Create power jumper.
  3. Check for green light on Create. If lit continue, else charge the Create.
  4. Connect auxiliary power connector. 
  5. Check for alive led on Odroid. If lit continue, else check wiring and Odroid file system. 
7:46: Checked router DHCP page for Odroid IP. Didn't find it. Started Nmap on laptop to scan network. Checked DHCP page again, no luck. Checked wiring for WiFi dongle on robot, looks good. Oops, the odroid has a static ip that doesn't show up on the DHCP page... Facepalm... Well for future reference, it is on

7:50: SSHed onto Odroid. Still getting this error: "terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error'
  what():  locale::facet::_S_create_c_locale name not valid" Not sure how to fix it... Started roscore in background. I've modified the launch files to use a different topic for certain topics, I can't remember which right now. For now, I'll stick with the current setup. Redoing the software config is a TODO.

7:56: Checked for key_teleop node on desktop computer, it isn't installed. Installed it. Can't install from apt because of background updates, I'll install form Github. Started it and remapped key_vel to cmd_vel_mux/teleop. Remapped to wrong topic, should be cmd_vel_mux/input/teleop

8:00: Started main.launch file on robot. Create had gone to sleep, so I restarted main.launch after I turned it back on.

8:02: Tested teleop from key_teleop. It works as expected. Checked the output of rostopic list in another terminal, topics listed as expected.

8:04: What to do now? I think the next step is another calibration... I think it is the turtlbot_calibration package... It is, specifically calibrate.launch.

8:05: Maneuvered robot to face flat wall. Started calibration. Base jittered and stopped halfway through turn. After a few seconds, it started turning again, but it still was pulsing. Repeated above behavior in the second rotation. Completed after a few minutes, new values: Odom error: 2.684353 percent Imu error: -13.752558 percent. Below is the output from the program:

8:14: Made a backup of the main.launch file and multiplied the scaling values to the current ones. Old values:
Odom: 0.908684
Gyro: 1.748541
Odom: 0.948299
Gyro: 2.014406
New values:
Odom: 0.861704129
Gyro: 3.522271482
Added new values.

8:19: Restarted main.launch and reran calibrate.launch. Calibration couldn't find the scan topic. Checked rostopic list, the topic is there. Reran calibrate.launch, it still couldn't find the scan topic. Rostopic echo and rostopic hz both showed no messages were being published. Rostopic list showed not all camera topics were being published. Restarted main.launch. The terminal that main.launch was running in showed a tcp connection warning. Got a failed to read sensor package warning.

8:28: A little research on Google revealed an unanswered ROS Answers question regarding this and then a python file from the turtlebot driver where the warning is being issued. It appears to be dealing with a driver error. I killed the main.launch file and then the Create issued a low battery warning, so time to shutdown.

Shutdown procedure:
  1. Close all active ROS nodes running in the terminal. 
  2. Issue sudo shutdown -h now command on Odroid.
  3. Disconnect auxiliary power jumper.
  4. If the Create needs to be charged, leave Create power jumper in and plug in to charger. Else, disconnect power jumper.
  5. Charge auxiliary battery. 
This was my first day of focused work on this project now that school is done. Hopefully, in the next week, I can get a few hours in on this project. That's all for now.