ROS Project Turtlebot: Daily log 2

Log 2, here we go.
1:50PM: Create charged overnight. Booted robot. Goal for today is to run at least two calibrations.

1:55: Robot booted correctly, roscore started in background. Turned on Create and started turtlebot_bringup/main.launch file. Rostopic list showed all topics being published as normal.

1:58: Tried to move robot into position. The muxer died when I tried to teleop so restarted main.launch. On restart, sensor package fail showed. On second try, it worked.

2:01: Started calibrate.launch. I got the waiting for scan warning, so restarted the main node. The Create turned off and the camera topics wouldn't come back online, so restarted Odroid.

2:12: Odroid booted correctly, but the Create turned off. Restarted main.launch. Had to restart it a few times to get it to work.

2:16: Calibration started. First rotation didn't pulse, but the second did. Stopped partway through

2:28: After messing around with this for several minutes, I've decided that I'm going to start fresh with the turtlebot launch files.

That's all for now.